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  Faculty of Architecture and Arts

Faculty of Arts and Architecture

The Faculty of arts and Architecture was officially founded on February 2000. Former it was considered as a department of the faculty of Engineering and it has just one department, i.e. department of architecture. It got its independency in 2000 and was entitled The Faculty of Architecture because the students were mainly studying architecture BA degree of Architecture which leads to MA.

In 2003 the department of Urban Planning was founded, and in 2004 the department of Graphics started its activity. Therefore the name of the Faculty was changed as the Faculty of arts and Architecture.

At present time, the department of urban planning is situated in one of the nicest and oldest building in the center of the city. This building, the Abrishami's building, is considered as a cultural heritage and supervised by the University of Guilan.

The Faculty contains the following departments:

Architecture (BA, MA)

Urban Planning (BA)

Graphic Communication (BA)

The academic staffs of the faculty contain 34 members who are engaged in teaching as full-time or part time lecturers and professors. There are 11 fulltime and 6 part-time professors teaching at the department of Architecture; and 5 academic staff are awarded scholarship to be trained for instructing at this faculty.

The department of urban planning has 5 fulltime and 4 part-time academic staff and there are 3 fulltime instructors at the department of Graphic Communication.

The international cooperation between the University of Guilan and the Technical University of Berlin made a powerful influence on the formation of the department of urban planning at the University of Guilan. According to the mutual agreement signed by both Universities, the department of Urban can accept the students for MA courses of urban planning and the development of rural and urban management and upon their graduation the students will be awarded the MA degree of both Universities.

So far both universities have been performing research projects on their specialization and some workshops on the development of urban design have been managed by the students of both university either in Rasht or Berlin.

Furthermore; the department of Urban Planning made a great contribution to an international project concerning the open-air museum of Guilan Province which is conducted by the cooperation of the University of Guilan, University of Provence (Aix-Marseille) from France, the Organization of Cultural Heritage, and the Ministry of interior Affair. The Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Architecture from the University of Guilan were involved in this outstanding international project. This project intends to identify the wooden structure available in different areas of Guilan province as the first phase, and to transfer them to the new site which forms a sort of Open-air Museum. Due to humidity of the region and the weather condition in Guilan, this project will collect all the living facilities and supplies which are used in the region. In this way establishing of this museum performs multi-functional tasks and can be the best sources for anthropological studies and a center of attraction for tourists.


Dean:  Dr. Yousef Amiri

Email: amiri@guilan.ac.ir 

Phone: +98-131-6690381

Fax: +98-131-6690553

Educational Deputy: Mr. Ayyoub Matinseresht

Email: matin@guilan.ac.ir 

Financial Deputy: Mr. Seyyed Jalil Mirbazel

Email: mirbazel@guilan.ac.ir

Research Deputy: Dr.  Mehrdad Javaherian

Email: javaherian@guilan.ac.ir

Head of Department of Urban Planning: Seyyed Mohammadreza Faroughi

Email: faroughi@guilan.ac.ir

Head of Department of Architecture: Arash Mehrgani

Email: mehrgani@guilan.ac.ir

Head of Department of Graphic: Hamid Akhani

Email:  akhani@guilan.ac.ir

Head of Department of Music: Ahad Sianati

Email: sianati@guilan.ac.ir

Head of Department of Painting: Mehran Veissi

Email: veisii@guilan.ac.ir



University of Guilan, Faculty of arts and Architecture, Main Campus, P.O.Box: 1144 41635-1871, Rasht, I.R. Iran